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We are pleased to announce that the YMCA of San Joaquin County has partnered with PLAYERSPACE for electronic communication and league management. Our goal is to enhance and improve the overall communication and scheduling for our sports leagues. All teams, players, coaches and volunteers will be active users in PLAYERSPACE in conjunction with their YMCA registration. 

What does this mean for you?  Convenience, Communication, and more Enjoyment!

  • Convenient 24/7 online access to league information such as schedules, practice times, team information, standings and event specifics.
  • Go here to view our new sports program website: ymcasjc.playerspace.com/
  • You will receive emails from PLAYERSPACE as to updates on important sports program information including schedule changes, practice times, and even new league registration announcements.
  • Post and share pictures and videos with league participants as well as family and friends.

Convenient access to your private PLAYERSPACE e-mail where all league communication can be viewed at any time.

What does this mean you need to do?  Just a few easy things:

  • Add  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to your email service’s safe sender list.
  • After you have been registered for a sports program be sure to log into to your new PLAYERSPACE account at www.playerspace.com
  • Add your profile picture
  • Edit your information as you see necessary.

What if I have problems viewing or accessing information?  It’s usually something very simple!

99% of all registration problems come in 2 forms:

  1. Outdated Internet Browsers – Just be sure to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera
  2. Forgot Password – Once you’ve created an account you’ll need your e-mail address and the password you set up for future registration or access to the system.  Simply click the Forgot Password link to recover it.